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I Caught My Friends Girlfriend Runsing In A Club, Should I Tell Him?

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I was in a 9t club on the 24th 9t..I was surprised to meet my friends most valued girlfriend whom he sees as a potential wife on skimpy attire..she was standing along side with other runs girls, I monitored her to really be sure if she was into the act or she jst came clubbing, immediately she got a customer after they bargained..she hopped into his car and they drove off...

I felt very bad, I doubt if my friend would ever believe me if I told him...they have dated for a very long time and to the best of my knowledge he provides virtually everything she demands from him; so I wonder what will still lead her into such act.

Since then I have been wondering whether I should tell my friend? Or I should just allow him to find out himself? What's ur opinion?


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