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Disadvantages Of A Working Class Man Dating A Female Undergraduate

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1:female students are serial cheaters:

Many female university students these days sleep around with their male lecturers and fellow male undergruads even while in a stable relationship with a working dude.The poor guy may be thinking that his girlfriend whose is a student is angel not knowing that she has allowed herself to be used like a toilet paper on campus.

2:Many female students are into runz:

Runz or what you call professional prostitution are engaged by many female univ students .Many female students these days sleep around with politicians,top business men coz of their craving for material things like BB,brazilian hair or what have you.In some extreme cases their are some that sleep with trailer drivers in hotels just for the extra cash.

3:gold digging:

Many of these female students only prefer to date working class guys coz of the money they can get out of them.They are only interested in cool hard cash and what money can buy:

4:They are sinister heart breakers:

After their working class boyfriend may have seen through their finances in school they break up with their working class boyfriend.Though such man may have spents thousands on their school fees or house rents they bring up excuses on why they want to terminate relationship when they graduate.

5:They act immature:

Many female students dating working class guys nag over silly issues like the guy did not buy the latest designer clothes or that he did not give them the latest phone for their birthday.they are more interested in fleecing the guy of his hard earned money.


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