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We had broken up

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We had broken up
« on: April 14, 2015, 06:57:05 PM »
***From the message box***

Dear Chipangamazano,

I've seen your articles and you helped many people and I think you can help me out as well.

I was dating this guy for 15months. We had our ups and downs but one day we ended the relationship. In fact, I ended it after making an irrational assumption and decision. But a week down the line; we got back together. Nevertheless, 3days after our reunion; we sat in Harare Gardens....sitting together pasi pemumvuri zvedu and everything was going well until somehow I happened to switch from music to whatsapp on his phone.
*sighs* What I saw was disturbing, he flirted with various girls. I went home there and there! I don't think I will eva trust him again. He said it's bcoz he was single and he doesn't love anyone except me. What should I do?????


Dear Tino,

I hear you, I truly do.
You have been dating this guy for 15months and you broke up for a fraction of that period? Well, from the time frame you guys were together I can tell you loved each other....deeply.
Anyway, back to helping you...hmmmmm..... This one's tricky but what I would do is give you options you can weigh then choose what to do.

1. It's whatapp for heaven's sake; people flirt, guys always do so leaving the guy for that is not really an option unless what you saw in the chats was extremely explicit.

2. You guys have been separate so those girls/women probably helped him get over you one way or the other so that was probably unfinished business.

3. The question you need to ask yourself is: did this happen sometime back? Do I see him checking out the lady types often? If the answer to these questions is No then he was heartbroken and trying to get over you. If it's a yes then kick him to the curb!

4. If you love him; give him time to explain.
You mentioned that you make irrational choices sometimes and your guy can be too. He could have been lonely but it also depends with what you really saw.

5. Is flirting harmful always? Is it avoidable always? Tino?

Anyway, I advice you to follow your heart- if it will not decieve you; your gut- if otherwise.
Keep me updated Sis.
I'm an advisor, therapist, nature lover, fitness nut and I enjoy learning new things. Ask me anything via message/pm and I will do the best I can to help.


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