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When is it appropriate to date? (teens)

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When is it appropriate to date? (teens)
« on: June 22, 2015, 05:22:14 PM »

So you're in high school and you're beginning to notice the opposite sex and the opposite sex is also noticing you. You're thinking, 'well, she's nice why can't I make a move' or, 'damn he's hot! When is he gonna ask me out?'.
Take it easy guys, sure take it easy. When in high school, hormones can be overwhelming. Like for real, all you need to do is control them. Don't get mw wrong guys, I'm not saying don't date in high school but well, I'm not saying date either.

Thing is you can date in high school years but know that it's only temporary. I've never heard of a couple that started in high school and got married and didn't divorce within 5 years....never! I might be wrong but surely these things only happen in the movies. Be careful that you won't get used by the opposite sex in high school.

However, there are numerous benefits of dating in high school including working hard in academics or sports and culture to impress your sweetheart.

The choice is actually yours but whatever you do; don't lose focus of your dreams. Personally, I think relationships after high school are more successful + both parties will be serious then.
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