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Big Brother Mzanzi Contestant raped housemate whilst she slept

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Yesterday saw two of the contestants from Big
Brother Mzansi removed from the house, and
rumours immediately began circulating that a
rape had occurred. Information was sorely lacking
and word from Mzansi Magic, the channel which
airs the show, was non-existent.
The latest developments have confirmed
everyone’s suspicions as it is reported that
Siyanda Ngwenya, who goes by the name
‘Adams’, assaulted Axola Mbengo (or ‘Bexx’)
whilst she was asleep on Saturday night. Here’s
IOL with more:
During Saturday night’s party, Adams and
Bexx were drinking heavily and openly flirting
with each other before going to bed
The two were last seen in bed cuddling and
kissing before the Big Brother cameras
moved away from them.
Now I was under the impression that everything
was filmed so I find it hard to believe that they
would not have footage of the goings-on in the
Let’s not forget that it was just hours earlier that
Big Brother was forced to reprimand Adams and
K2, another housemate, for their sexual advances.
IOL once more:
Earlier on Saturday night, K2 and Adams
went a step too far when they grabbed and
attempted to kiss Bexx in the dressing room.
The two sandwiched her while she was
standing in front of the mirror, and kissed
her on her cheek while groping her bum.
Bexx looked visibly uncomfortable and
walked away. The men later apologised to
her and Big Brother issued them each a
strike for the inappropriate behaviour.
Adams then told housemates the next day that he
had ‘dipped her’, although he wasn’t sure if she
would remember as she was passed out at the
time. Yes Adams, that is what the rest of the
world calls rape. Bexx then later told housemates
she had not consented to the sexual encounter.
Both have been removed from the house and
Mzansi Magic released this statement:
At this stage it is not exactly clear what
transpired between Bexx and Adams. Having
suspected that there may have been an
incident of sexual misconduct, Mzansi Magic
acted by removing both individuals from the
Currently, Bexx and Adams are receiving
support and assistance from Mzansi Magic.
They are both in the care of professionals
and have been given the opportunity to
contact family and friends.
In a country that is considered one of the rape
capitals of the world you would think 24-hour
surveillance might prevent such incidents. We
should expect much more from Mzansi Magic
than just a strongly-worded statement. Sort it out
guys, this is just not good enough.
[sources: iol &timeslive ]


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