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Prettiness Brings Opportunities- The Maneta Story

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Prettiness Brings Opportunities- The Maneta Story
« on: April 07, 2015, 10:02:30 PM »

'Kedu Maneta'

So I have been wondering....."if 'A' students work for 'C' students" then less pretty women would work for prettier women??? Maybe. But the thing is; if you're pretty- life is tremendously easy! Yeah, look at Pokello, Maneta, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and myself; we get what we want when we want. LOL.

It seems like having a degree doesn't matter if you're pretty, prettiness now rules over a degree? Well, well, well, I wouldn't know but the hard truth is: the prettier you are, the more likely you are to be successful. That's the naked hard truth.

Here is evidence: Case Study- Maneta Mazhani

BIG Brother hell-raiser Maneta Mazanhi has
sparked a Twitter storm after claiming she would
rather marry for money than love.
Maneta, who describes herself on her Twitter
account as a “paperspender” and law student,
told her 12,000 followers on the social networking
site that love was overrated.
“Money doesn’t buy you happiness but it's better
to be miserable in a Lambo and a huge ass
mansion going for shopping sprees in south of
France # loubotins !!,” she tweeted on October 31.
In another tweet, she said: “Speaking of which I'd
rather marry for money, love is overrated. Those
who say money isn't everything obviously don’t
have it. Money IS everything.”
And responding to criticism from some
Zimbabweans who slammed her as a gold digger,
Maneta went on: “Those who disagree that money
is everything must stop going to work every
morning, stop hustling, park your cars, give away
your clothes... no? So STFU”
In another tweet, she described being broke as
“the root of all evil”, adding: “Father please
protect me from brokenness. Don't let the devil
in... # rozay.”
Maneta was kicked out of Big Brother Africa in
June after fighting with fellow Zimbabwean
housemate, Roki Josphats, who also got the

Case Study 2: Maneta Mazanhi

While taking part in the Big Brother Africa (BBA)
reality show has changed the lives of former
housemates for the better, Maneta Mazanhi’s
case is different as instead of being famous, she
was unpopular. She, together with countryman
Roki, were disqualified from the BBA game after
being involved in a nasty fight which saw Maneta
pouring disinfectant on Roki’s face. Sadly for
Maneta, all the blame was put on her with people
accusing her of having destroyed Roki’s future in
the game as they believed he stood a great
chance of winning. As a result, war was declared
on Maneta and some people were after her blood
threatening to throw eggs and beat her up upon
her return to Zimbabwe. So serious was the hate
for Maneta that BBA show organisers had to
sneak her into the country from South Africa
aboard an Emirates flight instead of the
traditional South African airways.
She spent a few months in Zimbabwe in hiding
and later relocated to South Africa for a
sabbatical till people eventually forgot about her.
She later hogged the limelight when her “friend” –
businessman Wicknell Chivayo, who some
claimed was her boyfriend posted pictures of him
splashing her with gifts including a flashy vehicle.
However, Maneta may have been down but now
is her time as she seems to be taking the
showbiz industry by storm if the steamy video
she featured in with Buffalo Souljah (real name
Thabani Ndlovu) and her appearances in top
South African soapie – Isidingo are anything to
go by.
She is now the talk on social networks after
intimate pictures and teasers of Buffalo’s
upcoming love song video – Soja Riripo were
released and went viral on social networks early
this week. In the video, Maneta was captured in
intimate positions with Buffalo Souljah with the
two kissing on a bed.
The video has raised eyebrows with some
suggesting that the two may be dating but
according to both of them, they are just friends.
“Buffalo and I are both out there in the jungle in
South Africa trying to make it in the industry. We
look out for each other like brother and sister. He
asked me to feature on his video as his love
interest and I did just that.
“We do kiss on the video but it’s nothing serious,
it’s not x-rated,” said Maneta.
Buffalo concurred saying: “We have been friends
for a while now and have always been planning to
work together. Since she has been acting on
Isidingo, I found it appropriate to rope her in,”
Buffalo said.
Maneta who returned to South Africa yesterday,
however, said she was not a video vixen and was
not planning on featuring in anymore videos.
Asked about her silence, the former housemate
said she took a sabbatical after the nasty BBA
experience and bounced back two months ago.
“After BBA I was really thrown out of my game
and took a sabbatical to find out what I really
wanted in life. I then discovered I wanted to
venture into acting and was fortunate to land
acting roles in South Africa.
“I feel everything happens in life for a positive
reason so I don’t regret what happened in the
past. I was bitter but I took it all as a growing
curve,” she said.
Maneta is on her way to her delayed stardom as
she has already been part of three Nigerian movie
productions which she will announce when they
are complete. Her recent acting role is on Isidingo
where she acts as a personal assistant at Sibeko
Towers. She joined the cast two months ago.
Asked how it was working with the vivacious
Maneta, Buffalo said it was awesome describing
her as natural and professional.
The South Africa-based dancehall artiste said the
steamy video which was shot in South Africa’s
Sandton would likely be released at the end of
next week. The video is off 23-track album Da
Chosen One. The album includes hit track Ziyawa
which features Emmy G of the Rands & Naira’s
fame. Other artistes on the album include Cassper
Nyovest, Brick n Lace and D’Banj’s brother – Kay
Buffalo who rose to fame in 2008 after releasing
dancehall hit single Bubble Ya Bums which won
two Channel O Music Video Awards has been at
the centre of controversy of late with some
claiming that he has joined Illuminati, especially
after the release of the Basawine music video
which features snakes.
He defended his video saying it was pure art.
“If I had joined Illuminati I would probably be
driving a Bugatti. Basawine was just art and
probably people read too much into it. I’m a child
of God and I’m a believer,” he said.
The Basawine music video is taking him places
as it has been nominated for the 2014 Channel O
Music Video awards in the Ragga/Dancehall


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Re: Prettiness Brings Opportunities- The Maneta Story
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2015, 12:14:14 PM »
"Kedu maneta" lol


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Re: Prettiness Brings Opportunities- The Maneta Story
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2015, 11:52:37 PM »
Mwari haazopi mskana zvese (runako, mari, nebrain). Obvious pane chinozosara. It's either you're beautiful and dull or ugly and intelligent. You can't have both!


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