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Whooo, scary Zim prophets shit!

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Whooo, scary Zim prophets shit!
« on: April 11, 2015, 12:57:20 PM »
“I saw in a vision a flag, the Lord said that’s the
flag of Zimbabwe. In the vision behold there were
three trees, but of the three trees only one had
roots, the other two were standing, but had no
The Lord said look again and when I looked the
other tree had fallen, and another tree was about
to fall. The Lord said take this message to
Zimbabwe and tell them, I am cleaning up
Prophets in their nation, and the work has already
The three trees represent the three well known
prophets in that nation, one who has already
fallen and the other about to fall harder than the
This is because the other two were trees without
roots, of the three known prophets only one will
remain standing, and it shall be known it’s
because I sent him.
The one about to fall, it shall shock and shake the
nation, it shall be a big embarrassment, crowds
will disappear from his church. You shall read
about him in the papers, you shall watch him on
international news, scandals are going to start
coming out.
People who have known things about him and
remained quiet shall start speaking.
I see his people running around, I see papers with
his name moving from one office to another, I see
people desperate to clean his image, can his
image be cleaned?
The Lord God Almighty said warn the people of
Zimbabwe not to stand in the way of what God
wants to do, if people in high offices, politicians,
police force and people in positions of power are
not careful their names shall be dragged in the
mud for helping evil to prevail.
I see many job losses as people are released from
work, I see people packing their items from offices
after being fired for taking bribes from a man who
claims to be a prophet. How can you say “Let
there be light” when you are surrounded by
The Lord is asking. I am raising men and women
who shall be bold to question this prophet, I’m
raising journalists, who will only stand for the
truth, as these men and women advance my
cause of exposing evilness, I the Lord shall also
advance their cause.
Tell Zimbabwe to move away from idolising
prophets, whom they are not sure where their
power comes from? Who told you he is my
Prophet? Did I not speak in Matthew 7 vs 21-23.
Was he not warned? Let there be true light! I
leave it at that.”


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