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8 Things Kombie staff do that we tolerate.

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8 Things Kombie staff do that we tolerate.
« on: April 02, 2015, 05:47:48 PM »
We all used kombis once upon a time! Wether you're now a politician or driving a 'top of the range ride'; there is a time when a kombi staff (driver or conductor) got on your nerves. The list here is not to make you catch feelings once again but to help you laugh it off. Trust me, if you don't laugh and you decide to frown- we will laugh at you rather than laughing with you.

1. That moment when the driver goes over a hump at 100km/h and you hit the roof + a thud back on the seat. Haha, painful.

2. That moment when the conductor says, "handina change" when you're getting off the kombi.

3. That moment when the driver goes past your dropping point. Ouch! Then he says, "kurumidzai kudzika vabereki".

4. That moment when you just got in a kombi then the conductor says, "hande driver, anodonhera mukati". Ouch again.

5. That time when the conductor says, "four-four vabereki" iye ari kuona kuti pakagara maLand Lord ega ega.

6. That moment when you want to get in another kombi because this one is not getting full but the conductor refuses to open the door.

7.  That moment when you're late but the driver decides to use a long bumpy route to ditch the police.

8. That moment when you're stuck at a road block just because the driver doesn't want to pay the police.

Hayas, that's Zim for you. Anyway, that's not the whole list; reply to post your own experience!
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