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Should the vendors face an iron fist?

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Should the vendors face an iron fist?
« on: June 06, 2015, 11:13:53 AM »
I've heard about the vendors-army stories just this week but even though I'm quite silently against the vendors crowding the streets; I have to say I feel for them.

Walking down Robert Mugabe Ave, I barely walk shoulder to shoulder with a partner and this frustrates me since most of the space is taken up by the vendors. My partner on the other hand always stops, simultaneously and buy from the vendors. (Seems like the vendors know marketing rules #take it to the people).
Apart from little walking space, some vendors; are quite verbally abusive and eish, they spoil a good day. Once I checked one vendors items but didn't end up buying anything yet as I turned to continue with my journey the vendor shouted cutthroat words simply because I decided not to buy.

On the other flip side of the coin we can't blame these vendors. I mean, who/which one of them enjoys sitting in the sun everyday and sell stuff that might not even be bought. They have nothing else to do hence they live by vending! I imagined being one of the less fortunate and seriously, I wouldn't want my mum to be battered by the soldiers. I wouldn't even want to hungry. Out there some vendor is a mother, sister, brother, father trying to earn a living.

If there are no jobs, then vendors should be left alone.

I don't know how you view this issue but that's how I take it.


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