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Whatsapp blue ticks-What are can you bypass them?

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Whatsapp blue ticks-What are can you bypass them?
« on: November 08, 2014, 08:40:05 PM »

WhatsApp did what most are dreading—read messages confirmations back to the sender. While people some are happy about the feature, others are freaking out.
WhatsApp has started sending back read message confirmations back to the reader by issuing blue double tick marks on the message. This indicates and confirms that the message has been read / seen by the user on the other end.

Previously, a single tick would mean that the message is sent and a double tick meant that the message has been received on the phone. However, there was no confirmation whether the message was seen by the recipient and when. But now there is no escaping as the sender will know if you saw the message and when. While blue ticks could be great for some, it could ruin relationships for many others. This could take an adverse effect on WhatsApp users and force them to migrate to other chat applications to avoid controversies.
The last time WhatsApp made changes to the app was including the last seen time stamp. Many did not like it and WhatApp made a tweak by including privacy settings. With blue ticks, WhatsApp has not made any options for now.

So how do you escape the blue tick and make life a little easier? Well, there are a few methods online, which works for some while others complain that it does not. The method states that when you receive the message, don’t open WhatsApp straightaway. Simply peep from the notification bar and you will be able to read the message instantly. The moment you click on the message, WhatsApp will open and your message’s blue tick will be forwarded.
Some say that you should put your smartphone in Airplane mode and then check the message. This way, WhatsApp will not send the read confirmation to the sender. You can then switch back to normal mode after checking the message. While some said that it worked, others stated that WhatsApp immediately syncs after you start your 3G or Wi-Fi and the read confirmation (blue tick) is forwarded to the sender.

We discovered two more tricks, which is still to be confirmed by many out there. However, sadly, one of this works only for Android users and not iPhone. When you receive a message from your sender, pull down the notification bar and you will be able to see read message without opening it. If it is a one line message, you are lucky. This works for iPhone too. If it is up to four or five lines, iPhone users cannot see this, but Android users can pinch outwards on the message (carefully) and expand the notification message to read up to a few lines. But if the message is longer or there are multiple messages, you cannot do anything. We have something better ahead.
Android users can rejoice a little as you can check out al the messages without actually going to WhatsApp and sending the blue tick to the sender.

Simply add another desktop to your launcher, if you don’t have a blank one. Add a WhatsApp widget in full screen mode on a blank desktop. You are all set. When you get a message, simply head on to the widget and check out all the messages in full length. You can scroll and read the entire messages one after the other. Make sure you don’t click on any message, else you would open up WhatsApp accidentally. To prevent accidentally opening WhatsApp, we recommend you install an app lock utility and lock WhatsApp with a password or pattern. Try out the same and let us know if it worked for you. Hopefully this trick works well till WhatsApp makes adequate changes. We have not been able to try the same on Symbian, BlackBerry or Windows Phone as yet. We shall update you as soon as we get something.
Do you have any other tricks? Why not share it with everyone?
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