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I'm a fitness coach: Let me tell you how to stretch

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I'm a fitness coach: Let me tell you how to stretch
« on: April 30, 2015, 09:17:28 PM »
Stretching? You are doing it wrong...
I was speaking with a gymnast and I
learned many things.
If you are not are
doing it wrong :
It is important to improve the flexibility
of tight muscles for :
-Injury prevention
-More efficient position, especially for
-Better posture
If you dont stretch are
doing it wrong :
Stretching is like muscle building.
Frequency is the key. Flexibility gains
are temporary (like the pump after a
training) and it takes time, practice and
patience to see permanent gains.
For optimal flexibility gains, stretch :
-Once or twice a day
-More than 3x a week
-For at least 2-3 months
If you stretch for ~1 minute or are doing it wrong :
During the first 1-2 minutes of
stretching, your muscles are resisting.
In other words, it takes at least 1
minute to start stretching the muscles
To get permanent results :
-Stretch for 3-5 minutes NON-STOP
-Increased the pressure on the
stretched muscles over this time. Ask a
partner to push on you or use your own
bodyweight to apply more and more
Quick recipe to success :
-1 or 2x a day
-3 to 7 day a week
-Stretch for 3-5 minutes NON-STOP
-Slowly increase the tension
If you have flexibility issue for certain
exercises (especially for squat),
stretching as a part of your warm up
might improve your form. Tight hip
external rotators, quads and adductors
are common among lifters and it can
cause excessive leaning and/or
buttwink. Look out for hips opening
stretching if you have this problem.
Tight pectoral muscle and poor
scapular mobility can hinder your
presses (flat and over head).
Stretching a muscle for 3-5 minutes
might seem time consuming for some
of you. Here is a simple tips : pick 2-3
muscles that really need better
flexibility. Example : quads, hip external
rotators and adductor for a better squat
position. Focus on them until you see
permanent gains, then focus on another
body parts.


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