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I got kidnapped and forced to act in explicit videos

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I got kidnapped and forced to act in explicit videos
« on: April 23, 2015, 07:17:03 AM »
I never shared my story with anyone but after reading an almost similar story to mine; I got bold enough to list write about it just to lighten my heart.
This story happened back in 2009 when Zimbabweans were busy crossing to South Africa in search for greener pastures. This story happened the first time I went to SA. So while on the boader, a tinted car came and the driver said the car was going to Johannesburg. We went into the car, four women- all Zimbabwean but I knew no one. Actually, one of the women suggested that we should get in the car since she knows the driver. It was around 10 at night and we didn't know were the driver was taking us.
Suddenly, a car started following us but our driver didn't seem to be bothered. We knew what had happened! We had been kidnapped! Being women as we were; we started weeping- thinking of families back home. Meanwhile, the car stopped at a gate and drove inside when the gate opened. The gate closed when the car behind us entered and 6men came out of that car- armed.
We stayed in the car, shaking, scared and betrayed. The men pulled us out. We noticed that we were in a suburb, there was a large house on a large yard seDzimba dzekuBorrodale Brook. We were taken to a studio were we were told what was going to happen. We were going to act porn! Like hardcore! We were then allocated rooms- mine had an inbuilt  bathroom. We were to bath then go to the studio.

My fellow countrymen, we did all sorts of things. Things I can't describe. Four men, 1, 2, 3... in all positions with men who were not eve married to me! Lucky enough, I didn't get AIDS. After 3weeks, we were released along with a grocery worth R1200 and R100 000 in cash. We were taken back where we were picked, late at night again. I decided to go Straight to Zim. My husband asked me why I took so long in SA and I lied that i ended up getting a job coz I got an offer. He will never know what happened.

Im a successful business woman now but I will never go back to SA.



Re: I got kidnapped and forced to act in explicit videos
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2015, 07:53:45 AM »
In other words you're a porn


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