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I saw a space ship and an alien down at Esigodhini

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I saw a space ship and an alien down at Esigodhini
« on: April 27, 2015, 05:00:14 PM »
Strange as it is, I saw it! It's real! Aliens, space ships! I'm telling you man!
I was heading past Falcon College when it happen. Lately, I've been called a freak, liar and deceiver for telling this story. Going past Falcon College at 120km/hr in my ride I suddenly felt everything shaking. Geez, the radio went off and impulsively hit emergency brakes. Pheeeew........past me it flew-the object? REAL STEEL. Colour? BLUE.
I felt inferior and useless. I knew what it was then there!
If you think this is mumbo jumbo; listen to this one:

As I watch the object going over me, it suddenly disappeared. My macbook and iPhone were on the adjacent seat; I reached out to grab them and right at my window was a little grey guy with big circular eyes- black in colour and no pupils of any sort. I screamed and it disappeared again. I never saw the space ship or that guy ever again.

You'd believe me, if I had taken a snap.


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