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I slept with my boss to get a raise

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I slept with my boss to get a raise
« on: May 05, 2015, 06:55:48 PM »
I'm writing this not because I'm proud of what I did but as a warning to all the women and men out there particularly here in Zimbabwe.

I'm a married woman, have two children and I consider my family to be a happy one. I work at a National Company in Zim that serves over a million Zimbabweans. The following incident happened zvinhu pazvange zvakaoma muno muZim. My boss had been pressuring me to sleep with him for a raise but I tried to be a faithful wife and I usually blew him off. Back home, things were quite tough. Tanga tisina pekutangira weduwee. One night, after it was clear that neither my husband or myself can do anything about our situation; I gave in to my boss' pressure and had an intimate affair with him the next morning.

Unfortunately, my boss moved to another branch at short notice and I didn't get the salary raise. Shame on me.

What I learned is that you cannot solve a problem by being immoral. Take it from me. It hurts. I cheated and I will live with the guilt to the grave.


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