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Mutare woman detest hubby over his weight gain

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Mutare woman detest hubby over his weight gain
« on: April 30, 2015, 07:41:10 PM »
"""My husband has always been a little on the big
side, but he was never this big. The past two
years he has put on about 50 pounds, and he's
just gross to me now. Our sex life is nonexistant
because he's just nasty. His big hairy stomach
hangs on me and squishes and itches me. He has
terrible breath all the time, even after brushing his
teeth. He salivates all the time which means his
kisses are disgustingly wet (it has actually made
me gag on a few occassions). And because we
were intimate less and less frequently, the length
of time before "it was over" has gotten shorter
and shorter. Now he typically lasts about 10
seconds, and I am not exaggerating at all. In, a
couple pumps, over. That's it. He's done before I
am even able to position myself comfortably
(although it's hard to get comfortable with his
weight pressing down on me). He eats all our
food. I mean all of it. I will go to the grocery
store on Sunday and by Wednesday we have no
food. The kids don't have any snacks because my
husband ate them all. I have mentioned to him in
the past that maybe we should start exercising a
bit together (I am in decent shape - I'm no
fitness model but I look good and feel pretty
good). He agreed but every day when I would get
my running gear on he'd tell me he didn't want to
go, and he would just binge on the couch
watching Netflix while I went alone. I quit asking
after a while. I started cooking really healthy, low
calorie meals for dinner without mentioning it.
Instead of just consuming the measured out
servings I put on his plate he will go back for
seconds, thirds, and sometimes fourths. When I
cook dinner I specifically make extra for us to
take to work the next day for lunch, but since I
have been cooking healthier he eats ALL the
leftovers at dinner. Before I started measuring out
his portions and cooking low calorie meals he
would only have seconds and sometimes thirds.
I'm just exasperated because even when I control
the type of food coming in to the house, he still
manages to eat a TON. And don't even get me
started on him getting fast food all the time....
Oh, when I wake up in the morning there are
always empty bowls of cereal on the counter.
Sometimes more than one. He's eating in the
middle of the night too! There used to be snack
cake wrappers and stuff as well but I quit buying
junk food because of him. The kids complained,
but oh well. But it doesn't matter what I buy, he
eats it. All of it. I have tried gently talking to him
about his weight in the past and he just agrees
that something needs to be done, but he won't
take any steps to make it happen. Whenever the
topic of our sex life comes up, when I mention the
reasons I'm just not into it, he calls me mean and
either pouts or starts a fight. I don't know what
else I can do to help him. I love my husband very
much and our kids adore him, but his selfish
eating habits are practically ruining our marriage.
I don't want to be a bitch by straight up telling
him he got really fat and needs to lose weight,
but, well, he's gotten really fat and needs to lose
weight. What do I say to him to get it through his
head that this is a big deal? ETA: I didn't mention
this but it's related. He battled addiction a few
years ago. He's gotten healthy and clean, but had
picked up other addictive behaviors since then. He
sees a medical doctor monthly for his ongoing
addiction treatment. TL;DR Husband got fat.
Everything I try to do to help him doesn't work. I
don't want to be seen as "the bad guy" for calling
him fat, but I don't know what else I can do?""""
Most of my stories are imaginery for the love of writing.


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